Used Office Furniture Near Me

To find Used Office Furniture Near Me, it starts with the entrepreneurial dream and a used desk. That dream becomes a small warehouse and an employee…then, another employee and another and maybe, a bigger warehouse.  It was Rick’s dream to have a used office furniture in New Jersey, Patrick’s to have used office furniture in … Continue reading “Used Office Furniture Near Me”

The Original Furniture Marketplace

For over 20 years, has been directing businesses to local office furniture stores.  With thousands of testimonials from companies that have successfully utilized our website to find a local office furniture store, we make finding a reputable, local office furniture store easy!   Back when we started, many of the office furniture stores did … Continue reading “The Original Furniture Marketplace”

Call Center Cubes

What is a Call Center Cubicle?   Call center and telemarketing cubicles are smaller workstations that are utilized in call centers to maximize floor space, providing a workspace for a large number of employees. These cubes are typically very simple, easy to reconfigure and add to, and provide a semi-private environment with panel heights ranging … Continue reading “Call Center Cubes”