Sell Used Office Furniture

Are you relocating or downsizing and looking to sell your excess office furniture? We’re here to assist!

If you’re interested in a DIY approach to liquidation, you can list your inventory on our platform. Our pilot program offers sellers 3 advertising spots for 60 days to market their assets.

The best results come from listings with larger quantities (10+) of matching units. To ensure success, be sure to include photographs with your submissions.

How to Sell Office Furniture


Prepare Your Inventory

Gather all the office furniture you intend to sell. Make sure to clean each piece and inspect for any damage. Take clear, high-quality photographs from multiple angles to showcase the condition of each item. Collect key details like brand, model, size, and materials to include in your listings.


Create Your Listings

Register an account on FurnitureFinders. Use the information and photos from Step 1 to create detailed listings. Write compelling descriptions, focusing on the item’s features, condition, and any unique selling points. Clearly state the price and any additional terms, such as delivery or pick-up options.

Inquiries & Sales

After publishing your listings, monitor for buyer inquiries and respond promptly. If appropriate, be open to negotiations. Once a sale is agreed upon, coordinate payment and arrange delivery or pick-up. Confirm the transaction is smooth and ensure the buyer is satisfied.

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