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Eco-Friendly Decommissioning

Do you have excess office furniture? Connect with one of our local dealers who will buy, donate or recycle your unwanted office furniture.

In the event of relocation, expansion, or downsizing, our dealers offer competitive quotes for decommissioning and liquidating office furniture. Specializing in sustainable practices, they ensure eco-friendly decommissioning by prioritizing reuse and landfill diversion. Our approach focuses on extending the lifecycle of office assets through resale, donations, and recycling, aligning with environmental responsibility.

Asset Disposition

Our dealers utilize an eco-friendly approach in the removal and disposition of office furniture, technology equipment and industrial racking.

Charitable Donations

Assets with limited resale value that retain their existing functionality are thoroughly cleaned and donated to non-profit organizations.

Storage & Moving

If you need a place to store your assets, our dealers have full-service warehousing capabilities. If you are moving to a new location, some of our dealers offer corporate relocation.

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NOTE:  We can only assist with large quantities of matching units (10 or more), and you must submit digital photos. We will not reply or consider any items without photographs.

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