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For over 20 years, has been directing businesses to local office furniture stores.  With thousands of testimonials from companies that have successfully utilized our website to find a local office furniture store, we make finding a reputable, local office furniture store easy!   Back when we started, many of the office furniture stores did not even have their own website.  FurnitureFinders was their only on-line presence.  Hard to believe now, but many of the store owners would say, “I can’t imagine ever needing a website.”

In the early days, these office furniture stores sold almost entirely used and refurbished office furniture.  The predominant size of used cubicles was an 8 x 8 & everyone wanted privacy.  Whether it was European design coming to North America or the price of real estate per square foot, we started to see dramatic changes in the shrinking size of cubicles & lowering the height of cubicles.

About 2010, we started to see more and more requests for open offices.  Terms that became popular:  benching & collaboration  Everyone wanted lower cubicle panels or no cubicle panels or dividers.   Our office furniture stores began to list more and more of this product on the website.  Due to the product not having time to cycle into the used office furniture market, our office furniture stores expanded their new product offerings.  The irony is the office cubicle was invented as a solution to lack of privacy of rows & rows of desks.

The benefits of a sit to stand desks were featured everywhere.  Sitting became the new smoking & not in a good way.  A whole line of products from crank sit to stand desks to electronic sit to stand desks to desktop risers popped up to fit this need.

In 2018, we see that the product mix of used vs new for our office furniture stores has flipped.  Fifteen years ago, our stores used to sell over 70% of their business in used office furniture.  Today, less than 30% of their revenue comes from used office furniture.  70% of their sales is in new furniture.  Now, our office furniture stores have smaller warehouses.  Once the cubicle footprint shrunk & the competition of benching hit, the stores found themselves not needing a large warehouse.

Many of our office furniture stores have import alternatives for L shaped & U shaped desks.  Storing a desk takes up a lot of space in a warehouse.  With import pricing being so low & the ability to store it flat, office furniture stores can offer that product and many consumers prioritize a lower price point over Made in the USA.

Sit to stand desks remain popular with all our office furniture stores offering options.  We are seeing more and more used sit to stand inventories available.  We also have new terms in the mix like active sitting & biophilic design.  Both designed to improve office productivity & employee health.

We are also seeing many office & desk privacy products to combat the lack of privacy with the move to open offices.  We have started to hear clients mention noise pollution.  Once company looking for tall cubicles told us that there is a reason the phrase, “Good fences make good neighbors” is popular.

No matter what you want for your office design, we have the best local office furniture stores out there.  To find the closest office furniture store to you & begin your office design journey, click this link:

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