How We Work

How We Work

Search our Premier Nationwide Dealer Network

Rather than clicking through dozens of different websites, simply search our database and view hundreds of listings from qualified dealers all over the country. We have carefully selected only reliable, reputable dealers to be members of our network.

Find furniture by using our advanced search form to view by city, state, product type, manufacturer, or even cubicle dimensions!

FREE For Registered Buyers: Get Detailed Dealer Information

Registered Buyers have online access to complete dealer information, including ratings and reviews from previous customers! (see a sample)

And best of all, this service costs you nothing! All we ask is that registered buyers fill out a survey after they buy their office furniture, rating the dealer they bought from, even if it was not a FurnitureFinders affiliate. This way, we can provide future customers with excellent data on the best dealers nationwide. (Register Now!)

Have Dealers Respond to Your Needs!

With the click of a button, you can instantly send your contact information to any dealer in our network!

Just click on “Contact This Dealer” next to any listing, and the dealer will be automatically notified of the item you like and your contact information.