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Used Steelcase Office Furniture in Arizona (AZ)

Are you looking for assistance with office furniture assembly or assemblers or installers for your Steelcase office furniture? Need help putting together your office cubicles? Let us give you a hand! We have spent 2 decades working with office furniture companies, and have a comprehensive list of professional, reliable office furniture assemblers. We have vetted these professional companies to make sure they are the right people to help you assemble your workstations and cubicles. Our experienced installers have been tested and approved by our trusted group of industry insiders and our huge list of corporate buyers. Need someone to receive your packages? Put together your furniture? Arrange everything according to plan and clean up the left over packaging materials? No problem!  (item #47986)

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Price:  Typically found between $95 - $200

Used Steelcase Criterion Office Chairs The Steelcase Criterion is one of the most common office chairs to find in warehouse around the country. It is well built. If you are looking for a sturdy office chair, this is a great option. Quantities & fabric choices fluctuate.  (item #44145)

Used Chairs
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All colors
Typically found between $95 - $200
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