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Used Office Furniture in Nevada (NV)

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Refurbished office cubicles allow you to pick finishes such as fabric, laminate, and paint trim. You also choose between low, seated privacy, and tall panels. Glass and various sizes are other benefits. For a growing company planning to add cubicles, this is a great option. They still have the green benefit of keeping material out of the landfill. Find a dealer close to you.  (item #27339)

Primary Size:
Other Sizes:
5x5 qty 500, 6x4 qty 500, 7x7 qty 500, 8x6 qty 500, 8x8 qty 500
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Price:  Depend on Panel Sharing of Lay-out. Quantity Discounts Available

We hear from many companies looking for benching options. Here are some refurbished benching options that might work for you needs. With refurbished workstations, you have more flexibility with the size, height, and matching down the road. Also, you still have a sustainable option and keep office furniture out of the landfill. Check out all the pictures and if you don't see something that will work, we can customize and option just for you.  (item #23887)

Primary Size:
Other Sizes:
5x4 qty 300, 5x5 qty 300
Depend on Panel Sharing of Lay-out. Quantity Discounts Available
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las vegas, Nevada (NV)
Price:  350

Have 250+ Aerons coming out soon Lets load some chairs AE123AWB 2G1BBWP BD01 3 / 1999 -2001  (item #48278)

Used Chairs
250        (Min. Purchase:   50)
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