Refurbished Knoll Office Furniture in Connecticut (CT)

Manchester, Connecticut (CT)
Price:  1,099.00 PER SEAT

Knoll Crinion benching workstations feature a powered central trough system available in packs of 2, 4, 6, and 8. Easily go from sitting to stand with a quick press of a button. Lead time of 2 - 4 weeks for completion. Comes with the following: • 1 electric standing desk with a stationary return per seat • 1 monitor arm per seat • 1 cushion-top mobile storage pedestal per seat • 1 privacy screen down the center EACH SEAT IS PRICED AT $1,099.00  (item #60495)

Refurbished Cubicles
30        (Min. Purchase:   2)
Primary Size:
Other Sizes:
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