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Used Knoll Cubicles in California (CA)

Westminster, California (CA)
Price:  399

We have 100 Cubicles of Neutral light grey and white Knoll Equity cubicles that come naturally in a 7.5'x8' and can be reconfigured into almost any size. Other sizes: 5'x6', 5.5'x6', 6'x8', 8'x8', and many more. Features: Overhead Storage, Task Light, BBF Pedestal The Spine consist of 3', 30" & 2' wide panels at 66" tall The Return consists of 3' and 3' panels at 66" & 49" tall The wing panels are 24" wide at 49" tall Starting at $399 in back to back formation Starting at $499 in single run formation  (item #59951)

Used Cubicles
50        (Min. Purchase:   1)
Primary Size:
Other Sizes:
5.5x6 qty 1000, 7.5x6 qty 1000, 8x6 qty 1000
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