Used Herman Miller Canvas Cubicles in Indiana (IN)

Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)

Certified Pre-owned Herman Miller Canvas Workstation (6'D 8'W x 42"H) includes (1) 6'W x 11"H clear frameless glass, (1) 6'W x 11"H etched frameless glass & (1) 8'W x 11"H clear frameless glass, (1) surface supporting BBF pedestal & (1) surface supporting FF pedestal, (2) 23"W x 42"D surfaces & (1) 96"W x 29"D surface. Panel trim and storage finish is White, fabric finish is Slant Bluestone with Crossing Black Fabric on end of runs. Clear frameless glass with Etched glass on end of runs. Surface Finish is Twill White. Can only be sold in increments of 4.  (item #65526)

Used Cubicles
35        (Min. Purchase:   4)
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