Used AIS Office Furniture in Seabrook, Texas (TX)

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Price:  Depends on Configuration

Cubicles - These new office cubicles are priced to compete against used cubicles. You have fabric, height, size & trim options. If you are a growing company, you can add cubicles to match later. No size restrictions. Shown as a 6 x 6 Mid-Height. You can do 6 x 8s, 7 x 7s, 8 x 8s, 4 x 2s, 5 x 5s, 3 x 3s, 5 x 3s, 6 x 4s, etc.  (item #45865)

Primary Size:
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3x3 qty 1000, 4x2 qty 1000, 5x3 qty 1000, 5x5 qty 1000, 6x4 qty 1000, 6x8 qty 1000, 7x7 qty 1000, 8x8 qty 1000
Depends on Configuration
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