Why We Love Our Brick & Mortar Dealers

We have customers call us everyday saying the same thing.  “I really just need help with everything.  I need someone to come out and see my space, field measure, do a lay-out, make recommendations, handle the install, etc.”

Guess what, that is what a FurnitureFinder dealer does!  Our dealers make this EASY!  Does IKEA, Amazon, or Wayfair field measure…NO!  Do those on-line stores help your local non profit with office furniture?  NO!  Our dealers have brick & mortar stores and warehouses local to you.  Most of them sell new and used product, allowing you to be green, creative, & save the budget.  You also get ratings on the dealers you contact from actual customers that we have verified purchased from them.

We have been around since 2000…long before Facebook, the iPad, & Pinterest.  We started posting reviews in 2005.  Here are the reviews on FurnitureFinders from actual customers.  Read reviews on us from 2005!  

The average FurnitureFinder dealer has been advertising on our site for over 7 years.  To be on the site, the dealer had to go thru an application process & we check references.  We have turned down many dealers as a result of them not passing the reference check.  We have also removed dealers from the site that did not meet our expectations in customer service.

So, what is next?  You can go here to find the closest FurnitureFinder dealer to you.