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Custom Recycled Steelcase Cubicles

Item # 53005
Our QuickAnswer refurbished Steelcase Answer brand cubicles are the right mix of custom choice (size, height, finishes) with recycled value (less than 1/2 the cost of the same quality new). Ask for our finish samples and 3D renderings of your design. Upgraded glass, monitor arms, sit to stands available and priced separately. QuickAnswer is perfect for growing companies to outfit multiple locations with a branded, consistent look. Pricing shown is for a 6x6, 54" h. A full range of sizes is available including 8x8, 66" h, telemarketing, and more.

  • Product is: Refurbished, Custom Order
  • Located in: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)
  • Mfr: Steelcase Answer
  • Quantity: 100        (Min. Purchase:   4)
  • Overall Size: 6x6
  • Spine Size: 72 wide x 54 high
  • Side Panel Size: 72 wide x 54   high
  • Other Sizes Avail:  
  • Worksurfaces: 1 corner, 2 rectangular
  • Storage: 1 file peds
  • Features: Electrical Power, Locks, Tasklights, Glass Panels, Tower Storage
  • Fabric Color:  
  • Trim/Paint Color:  
  • Worksurface Color:  
  • Age: Less than 3 Years
  • Condition: 10    (1=fair to 10=excellent)
  • Date Available: Today

Quantity: 100

Price: $1100

Categories: Cubicles, Refurbished Office Furniture

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