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Refurbished Steelcase Cubicles in Connecticut (CT)

Manchester, Connecticut (CT)
Price:  934.07

Steelcase Answer cubicles are a modern and functional solution to workstation design. Each of these units includes a personal storage tower, floor supporting box/box/file storage drawers, table-top cubby and laminate worksurfaces. Panel height is 48″ with an additional 5″ inches of frosted glass with a swirl pattern along the spine panels (green). Cubicles are available with stationary worksurfaces or can be upgraded to pneumatic standing desks. Cubicles are offered as powered and nonpowered units. Lead time: 14-21 business days  (item #60496)

Refurbished Cubicles
20        (Min. Purchase:   2)
Primary Size:
Other Sizes:
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