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Refurbished Office Furniture in Kentucky (KY)

Louisville, Kentucky (KY)
Price:  Depend on Panel Sharing of Lay-out. Quantity Discounts Available

These refurbished cubicles are great for a growing company that wants to be a good steward to the environment. You can pick the finishes. For the more budget cautious, we do have a warehouse of as-is cubicles. Also, we can do a blended approach with some refurbished workstations and as-is pieces. You can do short, mid-height, and tall panels. We do any size you need 6 x 6, 7 x 7, 8 x 8, 6 x 8 and any other combination.  (item #23886)

Refurbished Cubicles
300        (Min. Purchase:   6)
Primary Size:
Other Sizes:
6x5 qty 300, 6x8 qty 300, 7x7 qty 300, 8x8 qty 300
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