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New Compatico Cubicles

Westminster (Los Angeles), California (CA)
Price:  Call for your custom quote

New cubicle workstations available in every size. The pictures here represent a recent installation we did for a client. The color of the worksurfaces warm up the space but the low panels and glass still offer the open feel. You choose the color, finishes and storage options. Get cubicles custom to your office space without breaking the bank. Call today for your custom quote.  (item #47588)

New Cubicles
1000        (Min. Purchase:   2)
Primary Size:
Other Sizes:
2.5x5 qty 1000, 3x2 qty 1000, 5x5 qty 1000, 6x6 qty 1000, 6x8 qty 1000, 8x10 qty 1000, 8x12 qty 1000
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