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Tall Cubicles with Doors

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Item # 45258
These tall cubicles have the option for sliding or regular doors. Shown at 82" tall with 45" of that the plexiglass. You can pick out your fabric. For stability, we recommend the desk inserts. The panels are acoustic to provide more privacy... And, no messy dry wall during install.

  • Mfr: RSI Echo
  • Overall Size: 10x10
  • Spine Size: 120 wide x 80 high
  • Side Panel Size: 120 wide x 80   high
  • Other Sizes Avail: 8x8 qty 500, 8x9 qty 500, 11x11 qty 500, 12x10 qty 500, 12x12 qty 500
  • Worksurfaces: -
  • Storage: -
  • Features: Electrical Power, Power Poles, Glass Panels
  • Fabric Color: 12 Grade A Choices
  • Trim/Paint Color: 5 Trim Options
  • Worksurface Color: 9 Laminate Options
  • Suggested Retail Price: Starts at $3K + Delivery & Installation

Quantity: 500

Price: Starts at $3K + Delivery & Installation

Categories: Cubicles, Refurbished Office Furniture

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